I consider myself a dedicated, hard working and enthusiastic creative with a focus on developing in the field of Graphic Design.

I am interested in digital solutions, organising information, visual identities and branding. I would like to be working in a studio that places an emphasis on engagement with ideas, team work and uses a like-minded design process.


I began my design career as an intern at a large London agency followed by six months in the world of freelance, broadening my design skills before being poached by an e-commerce start up.

Thanks to my love of branding and knitting I became the sole in-house designer for LoveKnitting.com where I become the brand guardian making it my responsibility that all communication materials lived up to the company brand values. My big projects at LoveKnitting.com include designing a stand for the biggest consumer show of the year and designing a new digital platform for knitwear designers to upload and sell their own patterns.

I have been working at Eight Arms where my role allowed me to create beautiful digital solutions for the likes of Fairtrade, Marmite and Avis. Along with my love of engaging websites, I worked on branding products and services, taking them from initial concept all the way through to print.

"There's no doubt that Liz is a whirlwind of ideas and creativity as well as having an intuitive eye for all kinds of visual communication from branding to UX and web design."

If you'd like to enquiries about a project or opportunity, get in touch at lizhamburger@gmail.com, alternatively give me a call 07969324882.